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    Thought of the day – Motivational for {Energetic and Positive start}

      Thought of the day Motivational Quotes|Positive Thought of the day

      Our post today is for those readers who want to start their day with a good and positive thought. If you want to motivate yourself or want to start the day of your friends and relatives with Motivational Thought of the Day, then you are on the right post.

      When the day starts with a good and motivational thought, then a different energy is generated in our work. With which the desire to achieve our goal becomes even fiercer. These thoughts inspire us that we should do the work with complete honesty and diligence. That is why if we adopt the ideas and quotes mentioned by great scholars in our life, we are constantly on the path of progress. To make your work easier, we have come up with a few Motivation Thoughts of the Day, by which you can be Motivate yourself and you can also motivate your Friends and Relatives by sharing them. We hope that you will like this collection.

      List of Thoughts of the day and positive Thoughts for today

      Thomas Edison failed 10000 times to make bulbs, If you fail a few times don’t give up.

      thought of the day motivational
      Thought of the Day Motivational

      Confidence and expectation make the goal “possible” rather than easy.

      Both anger and storm are equal. Only after being calm, you know how much damage is there. So always keep smiling.

      thought of the day motivational
      thought of the day motivational

      Bring an idea inside you and start living with that idea, think about that idea, dream it. Swami Vivekananda

      positive thoughts for today
      positive thoughts for today

      We are what our thoughts have made us; So always keep in mind what you think. Swami Vivekananda

      positive thought for the day quotes
      positive thought for the day quotes

      Doing positive action with positive thinking leads to success.

      Positive thought of the day

      With the new day comes new strengths and new ideas.

      Once you adopt positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, you will start getting positive results.


      A person is born of his thoughts, he becomes what he thinks.

      positive thoughts for today digitalkhabar
      positive thoughts for today

      Only I can change my life. Nobody can do this for me.

      positive life thoughts for today

      What is happening in life is only 10%, the remaining 90% depends on how you react to it.

      positive thought of the day Images

      An optimistic view is the belief that leads to achievement. Nothing can be attained without hope and faith.

      thought of the day motivational an optimistic view

      It does not matter how long you have been walking slowly, the point is that you do not stop.

      It Doesnot matter thought of the day motivational

      Life is not short. People start living late. Live your life with joy

      positive thought of the day life is not short
      Positive thought of the day

      Helping the needy is the true worship of God.

      The harder the life, the stronger you become, the stronger you become, the more easy life will be.

      Two things never end in life, the story of God and the agony of man.

      Stay away from pretenders and don’t do it yourself too

      For a happy life.. honesty in the brain, happiness on the lips and purity in the heart are essential

      Life will be as simple as stress will be half.

      Those who start the journey also get to the destination. It is important to have the courage to walk just once, because even pathway waits for good people

      Keep the feeling of love or respect only for those who understand your feelings.

      Donation and name of God is never wasted

      We should not give up on problems and we should not allow problems to defeat us. Dr.Abdul Kalam

      Wisdom is the best gift given by God, it should be used with full sincerity and true passion.

      Do not think about what can happen in a month or in a year, but think about what can happen in just 24 hours.


      Confidence is the basis of future progress

      We should never give up but we should not let troubles defeat ourselves

      Turn your knowledge into earnings

      Failure comes only when we forget our ideals, purpose and principles

      Do not let success climb to the head, and do not let failure hit your heart

      Life should be great, rather than long

      Take a pledge. You will not repeat the mistake you made yesterday

      Those who dedicate themselves to their goals, success comes to them, on their own

      Fight with your strengths, not with others’ weaknesses, because true success is inherent in one’s own efforts, not in the defeat of others

      If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness, but if you work happily then you will definitely get happiness

      At the time when we are insulting someone, we are losing our respect.

      Do not do anything that needs to be hidden from others

      Struggle is an invitation from nature, one who accepts; he moves forward and get success

      To understand the importance of happiness, it is necessary to go through grief.

      In life, only one can understand the true value of something in two circumstances, before it is found and after it is lost.

      No matter how beautiful the high flight and the open sky are, we have our own small shelter, full of pleasant and relaxed.

      For the art of living life, it is necessary to have a clean mind.

      If someone seems to you small then you are watching him from a distance or you are watching him with ego

      That money is of no use for which there is no time left to spend in life.

      Do not make fun of someone’s helplessness!

      The more work that will be done with great effort, dedication and devotion, the better it will be.

      Those who are small minded human beings tend to do evil, while the person with dominant and big thinking tends to forgive.

      We become what we criticize

      Hug your enemies and kill them with your kindness

      I search for solitude and within that search I find ‘me’

      When the potter makes a pot, he pats it fast from the outside and rubs it from the inside. Trust the potter (God) to be such a beautiful person.

      There is no bad time for starting a good job.

      Every human has a golden opportunity and what people call “tomorrow”.

      Never take the wrong way, even if you fail in the right way.

      Sometimes try to take someone’s grief in place of selfie, then God will also like that picture.

      You are losing your respect by insulting someone.

      We get up in the morning for money but by evening we want peace.

      Be patient and keep moving forward, Goal will come closer

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