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    {7 Feb} Happy Rose Day Quotes, Status and Wishes 2020

      Today’s post is dedicated to the people who are in love. If you want to wish your lover or girlfriend on the first day of Valentines Week i.e. 7th February – Rose Day and you are looking for Happy Rose Day Quotes or Happy Rose Day Status or Rose Day Wishes, then you are on the right post.

      As you all know about the date sheet of youngsters mostly for those who are in love. Valentine’s week exam of lovers is about to start and the first exam is Rose Day. On this day, people use Rose flower to express their love. On Rose day people express their feelings by giving rose and not saying much. It is not necessary that you give rose only to the lover; you can give rose to anyone to express your feeling. Whatever the feeling is whether it is friendship or love depends on which color rose you are using. People mostly use red roses which symbolize love. Yellow rose is a sign of friendship and white rose represents purity, innocence and unconditional love. But in particular Rose day is for those who are in love and it is dedicated to them.

      If you want to express your love then you can easily speak your mind by giving red roses, if you want to make your friend feel your friendship then you can make your friendship stronger by giving yellow roses. If you want to say sorry to anyone, then you can erase your mind by giving white roses and reduce the distance between the two. To make your work easier, we have brought some Happy Rose Day Quotes and Status for you. Share them on Whatsapp and Facabook. We hope you like these quotes and status.

      Happy Rose Day to the one who is very special to me.. Happy Rose Day my Love.

      Happy Rose Day Status for Boyfriend

      There is no one like you, you are the first dream of my life, people, whatever they may say but you are a beautiful rose of my life.

      There is no one like you

      How much love is there for you in this heart, if I tell you, not only you, this world will be my crazy

      Rose Day Status for Husband 2020

      The love that remains in the distance, that love is something else

      Happy Rose Day Quotes for Boyfriend

      Because of you, heart has started singing and eyes have got dreams.


      Rose Day Wishes for Girlfriend 2020

      Because of you my feelings blossomed like a rose.. Happy Rose Day my Love.

      Rose Day Wishes for Wife

      My love had sent me a Rose very secretly, but his fragrance created a ruckus in the whole city…

      You have my Heart

      Just as a rose cannot live without flakes, I cannot live without you.

      Rose Day 2020

      I can’t live without you anymore, what can exist without you

      I can't live without you

      You are my Rose


      You are my Love

      Happy Rose Day Status

      I was yours with you… I am yours without you

      When you are near, the heart wants time to stop

      Is the magic of your eyes or the passion of my age… Whenever I see you, my senses fly away


      You learn to read the face, because I do not know how to say

      Love also has a different practice, It Happens in a moment for ages


      Your memory is also like a fragrance, once it comes, then the whole day is in my mind. Happy Rose Day my Love.

      Flirting is the first step of love.

      Happy Rose Day Wishes

      I like your name with my name, like a beautiful morning with a beautiful evening

      The scent of fresh roses is coming from somewhere, Perhaps the window must have been open of her house.

      People say that the one I love is a piece of a moon; But they don’t know that the moon is a piece of it. I Love You


      What do I have to do with others, all I want is your time and your love.

      These cold winds are telling me to hug you, hide you in my arms and forget the whole world ..

      I do not aspire to love thousands, but I want to love you in a thousand ways ..

      Without you my happiness is incomplete, just think how important you are to me ..

      Love and red roses cannot be hidden.


      You are not only love but my life. Happy Rose Day my Love.

      By talking to you it seems as if all the happiness of the world has been found.

      I have learned one thing in your love, without you the whole world has faded ..

      I am sick due to the illness of your love, the doctor has reported a deficiency of Vitamin You ..

      Can I say one thing?? You’re so cute. Happy Rose Day


      I just want to be with you, if you ask then I would talk to Mom Dad

      You are getting more and more loving day by day.

      I stopped this heart a lot, but to what extent? love kept growing like your tantrums

      My eyes only allowed you to come to my heart, You had the ability to go to my soul. I Love You

      I met you as a stranger, today I want you so badly


      Have found you very luckily, do not want to lose you anymore, I was yours, I am your, Now I No longer want to be someone else

      We hope you liked our collection of Rose Day Quotes, Rose Day Status and Rose Day Wishes.

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