30+ Cute Couple Quotes and Sayings to express Love

Cute Couple Quotes and Sayings to express Love straight from Heart 😍

Friends, the month of February is coming and this month is the month of love because this month brings Valentine’s Day. Most lovers express their love on this day. This post is also for those who love. If you are in love or committed and are looking for the best couple quotes then you are on the right post.

Friends, love is the most beautiful gift given to man by God. Love is the power through which a person goes beyond seven seas to get his love. If you have found that love then you are one of the luckiest people in the world. But sometimes it happens that your love starts to go away a little. In such a situation, you need to show some love. In such a situation, you need to make you feel your love. Make them feel how special they are for you. So that your love will come back to you again.

For this, we have brought some couple quotes to make your work easy, which you can say to your lover or send them WhatsApp message or you can share on your Whatsapp or Facebook status. Hopefully, you will like these quotes for couples and status for couples.

I have never believed in myself❤, but after your meeting with me, I felt that my every prayer is accepted.

Status for Couples

The day passes in your thoughts 😍, and the night in the depths of your dreams❤

Relationship Quotes for Couples

In this festival of #Love 😍, I will be in your color, I should ❤ spend my whole life with you!

Couple Sayings and Quotes

Do not go away from me 😍, I am alive because of you ❤, you always be happy like this, I am happy with your smile 😍!

Relationship Quotes for Her

I am searching for you ❤ in every street 😍, do not know why I am looking for you in every girl ❤!

Couple Quotes for Him

Relationship Sayings for Couples

The best and beautiful things of the world are not seen or heard 😍 but are felt with the heart ❤.

Relations without faith are like a car without gas, you can stay in it if you want, but cannot go anywhere in it ❤.

I have spent myself full on you, and you still say we are incomplete.

My eyes are on your every style ❤, don’t know when you say that you look good

We can’t live without you anymore😍, I can’t exist without you

How much #Love is there for you in this heart, if I have told you ❤, not only you, this world will be my crazy ❤

I was yours with you… I am yours without you ❤

Best Couple Quotes for Him

On seeing you, I glow 😍, you are the moon in the sky of my ❤ heart.

Neither beautiful… neither rich… nor vicious, ❤ my Lord made me for you

Such a storm came from his eyes 😍 that everything broke down

If you talk to me that much, it won’t take long to convert this friendship into #Love

People express their #Love ❤ by putting their eyes in their eyes, I feel shy on hearing your name

Whenever you smile without talking ❤, You can thought that my prayers have been accepted.

I do not know whether it is #Love ❤ or my foolishness, but it is nice to think about you all the time

I cannot sleep, I do not feel relaxed, I do not know where my heart is lost

You live near my heart every second

Best Couple Quotes for Her

Neither the edge of mascara ❤, nor the necklace of pearls, nor any makeup, yet how beautiful ❤ you are

Now I think of you day and night 😍, I do not get rest without seeing you

God has made you so ❤ beautiful; I want to keep looking at you

#Love ❤ is amazing; it takes place in a moment for ages

Your thought is also like a fragrance, once it comes, then it remains the whole day in my mind

I didn’t that #Love ❤ will happen, I just liked your smile

A person goes down in my heart, Like he knew all the way to my heart ❤

She touched the lips and made the water of the river pink ❤, We had a different thing, she also made the fish drunk 😍.

If #Love goes from body to soul then #Love ❤ is a reality, and if it goes from soul to soul then #Love is worship

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