50+ Awesome Status Lines for Friends, Friendship Quotes

Readers of digital khabar are welcome in our post. This post is especially for those who have a special place of friends in their life and they are looking for Best Status Lines for Friends. Friends, we cannot choose in which family our birth is going to take place, but there is a family we can choose. They are our friends.

Whatsapp Status lines for friends, best status lines for friends

Someone has rightly said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. The importance of our family in our life is equally important that of friends in our life. Our friends like our family, stand with us in all difficult times.

Friendship can happen to anyone of any age. Friends are very important for everyone. Whether it is a child, teenager, middle-aged person or old man – everyone needs good friends to live life.

Those people are very lucky, who have true friends. Always make such friends realize that how important they are to you and their special place in your life. To give this feeling, you can share Sweet Status Lines for Friends on your WhatsApp or Facebook and make them special. To make your work easier, we have brought some specially selected Status for Friends. We hope you like.

A #friend is one who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you as you are.

Status lines for friends in English

Making many #friends in life is a common thing, but it is a special thing to maintain #friendship with one #friend throughout life.

whatsapp Friendship Status

I do not grieve to take a photo, but what to do; #friends do not sleep without looking at my photo.

Friends Lines for Status

It is not necessary that the relationship is there, #friendship of some people is more than love.

Friendship Status

Who is a #friend? #friends, who come uninvited, needlessly eat heads, empty pockets, sometimes persecute, sometimes cry, but be with me forever.

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I have a different principle of my life, I accept thorns for the sake of a #friend.

A #friend is someone who knows you and wants you as you are.

God has given me faithful #friends; they too don’t even try if i don’t remember them

True #friendship is like a good health, Its importance is known when it is lost.

Everyone’s #friend is nobody’s #friend

Of course, take advantage of every opportunity in life .. But, never take benefit to anyone’s trust ..

#friendship is not discovery, It doesn’t happen to everyone everyday, Do not consider us unnecessarily in your life, Because eyelids are never a burden on your eyes ..!

#friendship is that … Which, even in rain recognizes fallen tears.

How to leave these bad #friends who I spoiled

Whatever, #friendship is bad or good… but #friendship must be true

#friendships support where love cheats

Spoiling gentle #friends is also an Art

God bless our #friendship so deep, the misdeeds are mine and dishonor is yours

People change, but #friendship and #friends never change.

#friendship is a relationship that understands everything a #friend says

#friends change according to the needs of people, but true #friends never change.

Life has a #friend who is ready to support every moment

Millions of people will be found in the world, but where we will find #friends like you.

Keep your heart big, then you’ll have diamond #friends

#friendship is happiness not pain

My luck is very special too… that’s why we have #friends like you

To make someone your own is right, but it is wonderful to be someone.

Hobbies can change with time and circumstances, but it is difficult to change relationships and #friends.

How small is my world, Only me and my crazy #friends

Morning tea and #friend’s opinions are never wrong

#friendship is greater than love. It’s never unfaithful

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