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    According to the Hindu calendar, Mahatma Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon of the month of Vaisakh and it is said that he attained knowledge on this day itself. People of both Hindu and Buddhist religions are his followers almost all over the world. Apart from Buddha Purnima, it is also called Vesak Purnima. It is also said that on this day Sudama, a friend of Lord Krishna, had come to Dwarka to meet him and Lord Krishna told him the importance of this fast. Sudama’s poverty ended only after observing this fast. If you also want to wish your friends and relatives on the occasion of Buddha Purnima by sending quotes and messages through WhatsApp and Facebook, then we have brought Buddha Purnima Images with Quotes for you in this post. You can also share them on social media.

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    I hope you liked the Buddha Purnima Images and Gautam Buddha Quotes given above and also shared them with your friends and relatives. If you have any suggestion for us then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below. have a nice day. Happy Buddha Purnima.


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